jeff Cosco

Tight Spot
Lyrics - Kevin McKee, Jeff Cosco  ©1983 ASCAP

You got me burning on a one night fuse
You know I'm not the type, I can't lose
You've got my number, will I get the call
You know a dime don't mean a thing at all, my time is through
My mind says no, but my heart is chasing you, it's a catch twenty-two

Tight spot, give me a chance to get through
Tight spot, sounds like a game for two
Ah, ah, Leaving me out there 'till I get you

I've seen you play this game before
You lead 'em on and then you shut the door, you know I'm just a fool, oh
But I can't escape you, everyplace I go
I see you putting on your show, but I still want you
My mind says no, but my heart is chasing you
It's a catch twenty-two

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